LaVie Medical Services

All of our medical services are totally confidential and available regardless of race, religion or income.

Pregnancy Testing

LaVie offers a urine sample test administered by an R.N.    Following manufacturer guidelines, LaVie’s pregnancy tests are 97% accurate.   Test results are provided to the patient same day.

After Abortion Support

LaVie offers support for women dealing with post-abortion issues. If you feel you are suffering from this, please call or come in and schedule an appointment to talk with one of our R.N’s.

Ultrasound Scan

We offer a limited OB ultrasound scan.

Other Medical Services

LaVie’s services are either offered free of charge or at a substantially reduced rate.

  • HIV Testing
  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Testing
  • Complete STI Exams for Men and Women
  • *Additional (outside) STI Testing
  • Sport Physicals for Boys and Girl

*Any additional outside STI testing will be ordered by LaVie’s Medical Doctor, and performed outside LaVie.   Outside lab charges will be the responsibility of the patient.